M A T I L D A  L I N D S T A M  N I L S S O N 
"Wheat pillow-friend"
Tiny product- KNUTSSON

Knutsson was the winner of the course "Tiny Product"- 2023 at Carl Malmsten School. 

Knutsson is always there for you. When you are cold, warm, feel stiff, have headache or growing pain. Put Knutsson in the oven, micro or the fridge to make him help you. Or just let Knutsson be a nice and friendly colourful detail in your home, someone who always keep you company. 

Matilda Lindstam Nilsson

30 year old Furniture Design student at Malmsten Linköpings university. Live in Stockholm, sweden.

Want to get in touch with me? :)
instagram: @matilda.form
mail: matildan92@hotmail.com
phone: +46702147390
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