M A T I L D A  L I N D S T A M  N I L S S O N 


A collaboration with upholsterer Charlotte Samuelsson

”Avancerad möbel” - Spring 2022

A year ago, I got a brief from upholsterystudent Charlotte Samuelsson. She wanted a restful place for monologue and for dialogue. A place that means a lot to Charlotte is Bohuslän. In Bohuslän I saw the cliffs, and how the seals rested on the rocks at the water’s edge so peacefully from dusk til dawn in the blue light. The shapes and mood there inspired me to the shapes of Sällskap chaise longue. Charlotte is the talented upholsterer of Sällskap where she has worked to make the form and textile coming alive in a beaufitul result, exactly how we imagined it.


-Stockholm Furniture Fair during Design week- NK- Nordiska kompaniet- Februari- April 2023

-Stockholm Creative Edition- May 2023

Matilda Lindstam Nilsson

30 year old Furniture Design student at Malmsten Linköpings university. Live in Stockholm, sweden.

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