M A T I L D A  L I N D S T A M  N I L S S O N 


 A project with Tekniska museet - Autumn 2021

Wisdome is the new building at Tekniska museet that will open in the summer of 2023, here they will show the latest research and technology of the future.

Helio is a furniture proposal for the new Wisdome project, it is inspired by it´s organic roof. The stool was in the start supposed to be in Swedish pine and assembled with screws. I sculpted a leg in clay, which then was supposed to be CNC cut to highlight an important manufacturing technique in the future. The stool is stackable and invites to a flexible seating environment adapted to the current event in the building.

The shape and construction of Helio also allows it to be made of recycled aluminum for an outdoor environment . Together with RISE and Swedish Aluminium, my vision came true by using 3D printed sand molds.

Matilda Lindstam Nilsson

30 year old Furniture Design student at Malmsten Linköpings university. Live in Stockholm, sweden.

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phone: +46702147390
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